Helpful Resources

Here you will find basic information and links through to full resources.

For Home

Emergency supplies

In an emergency you could be stuck at home for three days or more. You probably have most of these things already, and you don’t have to have them all in one place, but you might have to find them in a hurry and/or in the dark. Make a plan to work out what you will need to get your family through.

Basic supplies to have at home

  • Water for three days or more - make sure you have nine litres of water for every person. (Save large fizzy and juice bottles, give them a good clean and overfill them with water from the tap, replace every 6 months.
  • Long lasting food that doesn’t need cooking (unless you have a camping stove or BBQ), and food for babies and pets
  • Toilet paper and large plastic buckets for an emergency toilet
  • Dust masks and work gloves

Basic supplies to have in a bag in case you have to evacuate

  • Torches and batteries
  • Radio – wind up or with batteries
  • Hand cleaner
  • Cash
  • Copies of important documents (online or paper)
  • Walking shoes, warm clothes, raincoat and hat
  • First aid kit and prescription medicine
  • Water and snack food (remember babies and pets too)

Talking to kids about emergencies

If you have kids, make sure they’re involved in the planning too. Talk to them in an honest, but not scary, way about what might happen in an emergency, what you can do to keep safe, and what your plan is for if you can’t get home. The more involved they are, the less scared they will be if an emergency does happen.

For Work

In an emergency you could be stuck at work, without transport home. Work through the personal workplace emergency plan to work out what you will do.

Personal Workplace Emergency Plan (PDF 124kb)

For Schools

What’s the Plan Stan has been developed for schools to teach students about hazards and how to prepare for an emergency

For Neighbours

When neighbours know each other they are more likely to look after one another. This is especially important during and after an emergency. Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office has developed a guide to help Kiwis connect with their neighbours so they can work together better in their everyday lives and in times of stress.

Visit for more infomation.

For People with Disabilities

Bay of Plenty Civil Defence has developed a Booklet to help people with disabilities prepare and emergency plan to protect themselves, family, friends, personal care assistant and others in the support network in the event of an emergency. Post the plan where everyone will see it, keep a copy with you and make sure everyone involved in your plan has a copy.

Visit for more information.

For Pets and Livestock

Visit to learn how to get your pets and livestock ready for an emergency.

For Travel

Visit to learn how to get your car ready for an emergency.